The Dreaded Deposition

It was 9:00 on a Tuesday morning.  I arrived at the lawyer’s office wearing a starched white shirt, a pair of khakis and a tie. I expected to present my first deposition as an expert witness.  I had read about things that I might be asked, but I was inexperienced in presenting depositions.  I had [...]

Staying Proficient as an Expert Witness

Staying Proficient in Your Area of Expertise Keep Your Day Job – Bring Value to Your Testimony Not all experts keep their day jobs.  One problem that a successful, established expert witness has is … success.  The expert witness bill rates are approximately three times bill rates for similar commercial work.  When you are working, [...]

Building an Expert Witness Website

There are many factors to consider when you wish to build a website or have a website built to support and develop your expert witness business.  The website you build or have built to represent you may be the only thing you are known by until you receive a phone call or email inquiring about [...]

Planting Seeds as an Expert

As you read this post, you will learn how to get your name out in public.  There are several ways to do this.  Some methods are more aggressive than others.  Your options will be determined by your style and your comfort with each tool.  I can only assure you of one thing.  It is not [...]

Writing Your Résumé or Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The resume or curriculum vitae (CV) may be the only document your prospective clients see before they employ your services as an expert witness.  It must be factual, defendable and include the information necessary to allow the client enough information to know your credentials. The resume or CV must answer the question, “Why should we [...]